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Daddy Mac Chicken (part 2):

Once the chicken has been dipped long enough for the juices to hit every spot, place the chicken on the grill using indirect heat.

You'll want the chicken to cook for at least an hour on the grill so you can get in plenty of basting. Placing the chicken on direct heat will result in overcooking or burning the skin.

Grilling Daddy Mac's Chicken

I normally place the chicken with the thickest portion closest to the fire, and that holds true regardless of cut you are using with boned meat. For boneless be sure to swap ends from time to time.

Basting the Chicken

You'll want to turn and baste the chicken about 10 minutes. If you have a very hot fire, you might want to baste more frequently. The oils in the marinade will help keep the chicken from burning, but keep a close eye.

Off the Grill

The chicken will darken to a deep golden brown. Continue basting up until about 10 minutes before removing the chicken from the grill. This allows the skin to crisp up really nice.

The marinade keeps the skin moist throughout the cooking allowing the flavor to soak in. Cooking it for additional time without added marinade at the end allows the skin to crisp up and lock in the flavor.

Daddy Mac Chicken Plated

Serve with sauces or not. The flavor holds its own straight off the grill. Garish to suit.

Daddy Mac Sauce - Marinade & Baste

*You can marinate the chicken over night by simply pouring the entire bottle over your chicken in a large dish, covering it and letting it sit overnight in the refrigerator.

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