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Grilled Bacon Wrapped Shrimp - 3

To first assemble the shrimp, you'll need skewers. The skewers will work fine, but the fire gets very hot with the melted butter and bacon. Lots of grease = lots of fire, so I use a fish griller for mine so I can turn of move the entire lot of shrimp at once.

Start by placing a sliver of cheese in the butterflied part of the shrimp and then take a piece of bacon and wrap it around the shrimp and sticking a couple of water soaked toothpicks or bamboo sticks through them to keep everything together. (I try to pierce the cheese when I do this to help it stay in and not on the fire)

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Pineapple

I used pineapple for this round of shrimp for these pictures, but again use whatever garnishes you like.

Once placed on the grill you don't want to take your eyes off of these for too long. As mentioned above, these create a lot of fats that catches fire on the grill. Have everything ready at your disposal before grilling.

I normally cook mine about 2 minutes and flip. After a couple of flips I pour on the garlic butter. Careful here as flames will become active if your fire is properly at temperature.

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

We normally spoon a little honey teriyaki across ours before bringing them in, but this is optional. The sauce is great on the pineapples too.

Here they are plated and ready to be devoured. Enjoy, they go fast!

Completed Shrimp


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