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Freshness First:

Trust your eyes and nose when shopping for fish.

Look for fish with

  • *Clear, bright, bulging eyes
  • *Shiny, taut, bright skin
  • *Red gills that are not slippery
  • *Flesh that feels firm and elastic
  • *Moist, clean-cut fillets and steaks
  • *Packages that are solidly frozen

What to Avoid:

  • *Strong or fishy odor
  • *Dull, bloody, or sunken eyes
  • *Fading skin and gill color
  • *Ragged-cut fillets and steaks
  • *Frozen packages that are torn, frost or blood visible inside or out.

Common Fish Forms:

  • *Whole or round: as it comes straight from the water
  • *Drawn: whole fish with internal organs removed; may be scaled
  • *Dressed: ready to cook; organs, scales, head, tail, and fins are removed
  • *Steak: ready to cook; crosscut slice from a large, dressed fish
  • *Fillet: ready to cook; boneless piece cut from the side and away from the backbone; may or may not be skinned
  • *Frozen portion: uniform-size piece ut from a large, frozen fillet block

One-Serving-Size Equivalents

  • *8 ounces of drawn or dressed fish
  • *4 to 5 ounces of steaks or fillets
  • *1 or 2 frozen portions