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The flesh of bovines has been eaten by hunters as far back as prehistoric times. Domestication of cattle occurred around 8000 BC, providing ready access to beef, milk and leather.

Most cattle originated in the Old World. Cattle were widely used across the Old World for milk production, or specifically for meat production, depending on local needs and resources.

Beef from steers and heifers are about the same, except for steers having slightly less fat and more muscle.

Older animals are used for beef when they are past their reproductive prime. The meat from older cows and bulls is usually tougher, so it is frequently used for ground beef.

Cattle raised for beef may be allowed to roam free, or may be confined at some stage in pens as part of a large feeding operation called a feedlot.

Beef muscle meat can be cut into steak, roasts or short ribs. Click here to see a beef cuts diagram.