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Baked Fish on the Grill - Pt. 3

Finally you want to close up the foil around the fish. I bring up the sides and almost make a taco out of it. This allows you to easily open it up midway through cooking this.

Close up the top on each by folding a little over one side. This keeps the fish moister and lets it cook in the butter and its seasoned juices.

Closed foil on Fish

Start and maintain a medium-hot fire on your grill. (325-350F) Charcoal preferred, but gas works too.

Place the fish directly on the fire for about 10 minutes with the fish sealed up in the foil. After 10 minutes or so, open up the foil being careful not to open the top too much and allowing the juices to flow out.

Place the fish to the side of the grill, a top shelf, or use indirect heating at this point. This will allow the grill flavoring to start permeating the fish.

Cook the meat following the guide found here. --> Fish Cooking Guide

Finished Baked Fish on the Grill

Drain before placing onto plate and enjoy.

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